Monday, October 21, 2013


These past few days we have been studying and learning about the IRD and Taxes with Miss Wood. Why you may ask? Well this week we have the opportunity to visit Wellington and talk to the people who work for the IRD.  You may be asking what does IRD stand for or what do they do? Well, the IRD stands for Inland Revenue Department, they are responsible for collecting YOUR Taxes!

What Would Happen If No-one Paid their Taxes?
If people didn't pay their taxes things would start to disappear. If you could imagine, people who are poor could be living on the streets. While the rich people would be alright ,  I have found out that India is a country that has poor and rich people living like this at the same time.

For example, mainly poor people would find having a home really hard. I believe that the rich people in India should help with the poor and pay their taxes. This is a lesson that we in New Zealand can learn from.

Last week we got to Interview our Teacher Mr S and a Dental Nurse named Heidi. Hannah and I asked them questions about their Student Loans and Taxes. We made movies with people who knows what Taxes are. 

We interviewed Mr S about his Student Loan.

Then we interviewed Heidi Our Dental Nurse. How do taxes pay for our Dental Clinic?

What are Taxes?

Tax is money that is given to the Government. Did you know that the Government spends money on Schools, Education, the Army, Navy, Dental Clinics, Social Security, Welfare and even Hospitals. Could you imagine a place without people getting into these places? The government collects the money from people in New Zealand who have jobs.

Did you know that Churches also have a kind of Tax. It is usually called Tithing. Churches collect this money to use, for Youth Camps, Chairs in their church and for members who are sick.

GST is another type of tax that takes 15% of what you pay for. It could be clothes, shoes or food. GST stands for Goods and Service Tax. 


  1. Great information about tax Sela and I like how you have added some of your own ideas too. I look forward to finding out about your trip to Wellington. Miss Wood

  2. Hi Sela, I hope you enjoyed your trip last week. Your presentation was excellent and we all learnt a lot from you. And I think your blog is great - awesome interviewing!! Thank you. Naomi Ferguson (IRD)